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The miracle of Albanian Alps
Tour Details

4x4 Experience

Fantastic travel experience with 4×4 SUVs

Adventure 1 Day

You will experience 1 day of unforgettable mountain climbing and adventure.

Albanian Alps

Located in the north of Albania, full of miracles


Transportation (Shkoder-Theth-Shkoder)
Guide (group companion)


  • Our adventure begins at 08:00 in front of H.Rosafa for departure to Theth
  • A short bar for coffee on the road to Boge Village
  • At about 9am we arrive at Qafe Thore stop for photo. At about 11am we are in Theth.
  • After we leave for one hour, we consume dreken (not included in the package).
  • After that we go to visit the Thethi Church, the Towers and the Thethi Waterfall.
  • We explore the Bathtubs and the Grunas Canyon. A part of the route will be done by car, and the rest will be continued on foot led by leading guide.
  • In the afternoon we will get our 4×4 vehicles back to the city of Shkodra.

We suggest sports apparel, hiking shoes or sneakers, backpack, water bottle 1 liter, cotton swabs for change.

Degree of difficulty
– The easy level that any person can make with a healthy body and a desire to explore.

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