Skenderbeu Boulevard, near Post, Shkoder.


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The Best Travel & Adventures agency is of a unique and diverse type on the local market.

This agency was established as a business in 2014. It is a new agency in the market but with clear goals for its market. Its focus is to be represented with religious tourism inside and outside the country as well as the adventure of Albanian alps. Today, religious tourism is one of the most popular tourism in our country and abroad, because within it there is not only religious tourism, but also includes cultural tourism, historical, social and archaeological tourism. While adventure tourism is preferred by many tourists alien for the amazing beauties offered by the Albanian Alps.

It is important for a tourist area to identify and categorize its bidding components and compare it with competitors because the quality and quantity of supply components are a critical success factor in determining the success of tourism.

At the same time, tourists have a special and necessary importance in relation to the benefits they bring to the development of tourism in the city of Shkodra.

It is the Tourist Travel Agents that serve as intermediaries that enable the manufacturer’s contact with their customers. Their main role is not just the sale of tickets as it may be commonly noted but their role extends broader, in the way of offering the product, the pleasant environment it should offer, the fast and quality service, as well as the number of the activities it offers. It is precisely these and a new service innovation that make the difference in this so complex market.

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